Dr. Teija TiilikainenTeija Tiilikainen

Director, Dr.
The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Finland

Dr. Teija Tiilikainen has been the the Director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs since January 2010. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Åbo Akademi University. Her previous employments include e.g.: Director of  Network for European Studies at the University of Helsinki (2003-2009, leave of absence 2007-08); State Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (2007-08); Researcher at the National Defence College, Dept. of Strategic Studies (1996–1998); Acting Professor in International Relations, University of Helsinki (1.9.1998–31.12.1998), and Director of Research, Centre for European Studies, University of Helsinki (2001–2002).

Dr. Tiilikainen has also been the Editor-In-Chief of Politiikka, the main Finnish journal of Political Science (1995–96), and columnist in several Finnish newspapers. She is the vice-chair of the board of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs since 2007 and member of the board of Foreign and Security Policy Research, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, since 2000. She is member of the board of the Foundation for Finnish Foreign Policy Research since 2001. Dr. Tiilikainen was the Special Representative of the Prime Minister of Finland in the European Convention. Dr. Tiilikainen is a member of the board of the Åbo Academy University since 2009 and a member of the Association Committee of the Finnish Cultural Foundation since 2006.

Dr. Tiilikainen has published several monographs and more than eighty scientific articles. Her main publications include “Europe and Finland. Defining the National Identity of Finland in Western Europe” (Aldershot: Ashgate Ltd, 1998) and “Finland in the European Union” together with Tapio Raunio (London: Frank Cass, 2003). Her articles have been published eg. in Journal of European Integration and in European Foreign Affairs Review.

Joakim PalmeJoakim Palme

Director, Professor
Institute for Futures Studies, Sweden

Joakim Palme is the Director of the Institute for Futures Studies, Sweden. He is leading the Institute’s current research programme, which is entitled Sweden and the Future. The programme builds on the Institute’s previous studies on the tensions between population change and public policy.

Professor Palme has previously been employed at Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University. He chaired the Swedish Welfare Commission between 1999 and 2001. In 1990, he defended his dissertation on Pension Rights in Welfare Capitalism.  Palme’s publications include studies of global migration, the European Social Model and Swedish policy reforms.

Dr. Yair SharanYair Sharan

Director, Dr.
The Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis & Forecasting, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Yair Sharan is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Center For Technological Analysis and Forecasting (ICTAF) at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Mathematics and Physics. He holds a Ph.D in Physics and graduated in the Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Sharan is a Col. (res.) in the IDF and served for some years in the research and development division. He was a senior researcher in ICTAF during 1992-2000 and is the Director of the Center since 2000. Dr. Sharan has been a member of the oversight committee of the center for Biological terrorism in Tel-Aviv University. His main fields of interest are research and science policy, technology foresight and forecasting, technology assessment and security. Together with ICTAF researchers, he has participated in many EU projects like e-Living, OPET, Nano2Life, Platform Foresight Knowledge, NBIC, and others.

Dr. Sharan is the co-ordinator of the EU FESTOS project on future technologies and future threats. He is also partner to the iKnow project dealing with Wild Cards and Weak Signals. He has completed studies in topics like “Non Conventional Terrorism”, “Psychological Deterrence”, “Emerging Technologies”, “Future Threats of Terrorism”, “Issues in Water Security”, and more. Dr. Sharan was the co-director of the NATO Workshop on “Water Supply in Emergency Situation” (Tel-Aviv, June 5-7, 2005) and is the co-editor of the wowrkhsop proceedings  (Springer 2007). He co-ordinated the NATO Workshop on “Medical Response to Terror Threats” (Jerusalem 9-10 december 2008) and “Terrorism and the Internet” (Berlin, 18-20 February 2008).

Jürgen Scheffran

Professor, Dr.
University of Hamburg, Germany

Jürgen Scheffran is professor and head of the Research Group Climate Change and Security at the KlimaCampus of Hamburg University. He is teaching at the Institute for Geography.

After his physics PhD at Marburg University he worked in the Interdisciplinary Research Group IANUS of Technical University of Darmstadt, at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and as Visiting Professor at the University of Paris (Sorbonne). Before he came to Hamburg in August 2009 he spent five years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research and teaching interests include: energy security and climate change; arms control, disarmament and international security; complex systems analysis.

Jürgen Scheffran is co-founder of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP), a principal drafters of the Model Nuclear Weapons Convention and co-author of the book “Securing Our Survival”. He served as advisor to the United Nations, the Technology Assessment Bureau of the German Parliament, the Federal Environmental Agency, and he took part in NPT conferences and climate negotiations. He organized the KlimaCampus conference on climate change and conflict at Hamburg University in November 2009. Further information about his on-going work.

Professor Markku WileniusMarkku Wilenius

Senior Advisor, Allianz Group, Germany
Professor, University of Turku, Finland

Markku Wilenius works as Senior Advisor at the Allianz Group in Munich and as a part-time Professor in future studies at the Finland Futures Research Centre. In addition he is Adjunct Professor in the University of Helsinki. Professor Wilenius’ interests in research and development focus on the development of the society and forecasting of development, visionary and strategic management of organisations in terms of their competence building as a way to “futurise” them, and sustainable development.

Professor Wilenius’ publications cover academic, economic and public forums about the current research issues as well as burning daily issues close to his heart. His latest book “Creative Knowledgre Capital – Sustainable Competitive Advantage of the Future” was published In 2006 (with Prof. Pirjo Ståhle). Professor Wilenius is also a wanted speaker, and has made time to lecture on many different arenas.


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