The Future Role of the EU in European Security Politics
Teija Tiilikainen

The Changing Futures of Social Security
Joakim Palme

Emerging Technologies and Evolving Security Challenges in the Coming Decades
Yair Sharan

Taming the Dragon: Risk, Chaos and the Loss of Security in the Age of Bifurcation
Markku Wilenius

1. International and Political Security (incl. Arms Races and Disarmament)

The Collaboration of Security Actors – Aspects for Futures Research
Vesa Valtonen

The Future of Research on Safety and Security in Germany
Lars Gerhold

A Frame for Analysing Military Security and Terrorism
Kalle Koskivirta

2. Technology and ICT

e-Services in Whose Service?
Roddy Fox & Elin Wihlborg

Adaptive Intelligence Solution for Future Security
Abayomi Baiyere

STRAW Project: A European Technology Active Watch on Security technologies
Elsa Prieto, Raimondo Iemma, Christian Blobner & Aljosa Pasic

Simulating Information Security with Key-Challenge Petri Nets
Simo Huopio, Pekka Wartinainen & Anneli Heimbürger

3. Business

Organisational Security: From Expert Knowledge Construct to a Body of Knowledge
David Brooks

Future Insights in Private Security Sector
Mervi Murtonen, Eija Kupi & Katariina Palomäki

Insights into the Development of the Security Business: Towards Service Orientation
Reeta Hammarén, Arto Kangas, Anna Multanen, Mervi Murtonen, Arto Rajala, Risto Rajala & Mika Westerlund

National Security versus International Markets: Possibilities for Sharing Control of Foreign Direct Investments in Strategic Industries
Thomas Teichler

The Future of Islamic Banking in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Nedal El-Ghattis

How Strengthening Financial Security May Lead to Global Stability
Khaldoun Dia-Eddine & Nada Nader

4. Culture (incl. Control and Surveillance)

Safety and Security in Future Shopping Malls
Raija Järvinen & Katri Koistinen

Is There a Choice for Big Brother
Jouni Viitanen, Pasi Patama, Juha Knuuttila, Jyri Rajamäki & Harri Ruoslahti

5. Theory and Methodology of Futures Studies (not only security-related)

The Method of Roadmapping as a Futures Studies Method in the Field of Security – Application and Challenges
Antje Bierwisch, Benjamin Teufel & Kerstin Cuhls

Using Scenarios to Characterise Complex Policy Interrelationships: The Sandera Project
Andrew James & Ian Miles

Anticipation and Interpretation of Black Swans – Lessons of a Volcanic Ash Cloud
Sirkka Heinonen

Using FAR and Delphi Techniques for Analysing Future Space Scenarios: Lessons Learned
Vivian Nguyen, Andrew Cruickshank, Len Halprin & Simon Ng

Rethinking Weak Signals – Analysing the Weakness of the Method
Burkhard Aufferman & Markus Vinnari

6. Military and Defence (incl. Terrorism and Crime)

Solar Storm – A Case for Free Space Optics for Future Force Warrior Equipment
Tapio Saarelainen

Preparing Today’s Airport Security for Future Threats – A Comprehensive Scenario-Based Approach
Mara Cole & Andreas Kuhlmann

Educating soldiers and security sector actors for human security oriented activities
Juha Mäkinen

Combat Simulation as Tool for Evaluation of Future Weapon Systems and Some Risks in Scenario Based Wargaming
Esa Lappi & Bernt Åkesson

Trend and Benchmarking Analysis of European Prison Population 1993–2007: Statistical Analysis on EU-27 Country Trends with Benchmarking Prison Populations in the U.S.A. and in the Russian Federation
Jari Kaivo-oja & Arja Konttila

7. Environment, Energy and Climate Change

Food, Energy and Water (FEW) Security Analysis Cube:  Finland, Bolivia and Bhutan as Examples
Tarja Ketola

Networks of Power: Development Banks and Energy Security in the Mekong Region
Hanna Kaisti & Mira Käkönen

The Futures of Climate Change in Journalism
Sofi Kurki & Ville Kumpu

Contextual Instability: The Making and Unmaking of Environment
Irina Comardicea & Achim Maas

8. Security and Development

Security and Development. A Holistic Approach
Maurizio Sajeva

Forgotten Infrastructure – In the Quest for Development, Sustainability and Security
Jarmo Hukka, Tapio Katko, Pekka Pientilä, Osmo Seppälä & Eija Vinnari


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